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FAQs So you bought a new EV – what do you need to know?

We recently sat down with one of our Evie staff members, Lisa, to get the scoop on her EV journey and her adventures in electric driving. What drove her to transition, what her experience has been like so far, and any tips she can give those considering buying an EV.

What Made Her Buy an EV?

Lisa’s journey to becoming an EV owner started with her passion for environmental conservation and reducing her carbon footprint. She’s all about saving the planet, and going electric was her way of making a positive impact. Plus, the potential for cost savings on fuel and maintenance was definitely a sweet bonus!

Which EV Model Did She Choose and Why?

When it came to choosing her electric ride, Lisa went all in with a Tesla Model Y. Why? Well, she’s a sucker for sleek design and cutting-edge technology, and the Model Y delivered on both fronts. Plus, who wants to deal with those pesky car salespeople when you can order your Tesla online hassle-free?

Lessons Learned After Buying an EV

Since becoming an EV owner, Lisa’s had some eye-opening experiences. She realized that driving electric isn’t just reserved for tech-savvy youngsters — her 72-year-old mum even took her EV for a spin! And let’s not forget how surprisingly quiet, smart, and low-maintenance EVs can be. It’s like driving in the future, but without all the sci-fi drama!

Charging Her EV: Home vs. Public Chargers

At home, Lisa’s all about that convenient charging life. She juices up her Tesla using an adaptable Level 2 charger, courtesy of her solar setup. It’s eco-friendly and flexible (win-win). And when she’s out and about, she’ll hit up public chargers for a quick top-up. After all, who doesn’t love a pit stop with a side of charging?

Tips for Prospective EV Owners

Lisa’s got some sage advice for anyone thinking about making the switch to electric. Do your research, take those test drives, and don’t let the EV myths scare you off! Oh, and don’t forget to embrace the perks of electric driving—like waking up to a fully charged car every morning. It’s like Christmas morning, but every day!

In conclusion, Lisa’s electrifying journey proves that going electric isn’t just good for the planet—it’s a whole lot of fun too! So if you’re ready to join the EV revolution and add a dash of eco-friendly flair to your life, what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road! 🚗💨