About Evie

Powering the future of clean electric travel in Australia

Evie Networks is Australia’s leading electric vehicle DC fast charging network. We are an infrastructure company that owns and operates our network, enabling us to provide reliable, fast chargers powered by 100% renewable energy.

We have hundreds of charging stations in clean, safe and convenient locations in 14 cities and regions in every state and territory of Australia. You can find our sites by downloading our app or using your favourite mapping tool.

We also provide complete charging solutions to automotive manufacturers, corporate and government fleets, fleet management organisations and consumer retailers.

Our Purpose

Committed to a cleaner future for Australia our shared destination

Tail-pipe emissions from transportation are a growing and existential threat to our health and our environment. At Evie, we are driven to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles resulting in cleaner air, reduced emissions, and quieter, more liveable communities.

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The Evie Story

Evie Networks was founded in 2017 to build the world’s most convenient and reliable fast and ultrafast charging networks. Our first sites were delivered on the vast highways of Australia to enable intercity travel. Within a few years, we were building coverage across 14 cities and regional areas supported by state and federal funding.

Along the way, we have expanded the vision to provide complete public, home and workplace charging solutions to car manufacturers, fleets and retailers.

Our journey has been funded with patient capital from energy entrepreneur Trevor St Baker and the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, one of Australia’s leading investors in clean energy and e-mobility technology companies.

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Our Trusted Partners

Our journey towards a greener future would not be possible without the invaluable support of our partners. They play a crucial role in helping us build a robust and widespread electric vehicle charging network nationwide.