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Stronger Together

We value creative and tenacious individuals who understand the challenges ahead, knowing that our daily efforts contribute to a healthier world.

With a collaborative and supportive work environment, we recognise and consider everyone’s contributions, empowering them to make a difference. We prioritise a healthy work-life balance, benefiting individuals, families, and our business.

Join Evie for an opportunity to stretch your abilities and grow both personally and professionally.

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Meet our founders & CEO

trevor st.baker headshot

Trevor St Baker

rodger whitby headshot

Rodger Whitby

Co-Founder & Director
paul fox headshot

Paul Fox

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
chris mills headshot

Chris Mills


Our Values

  • Obsessed with the customer – We are obsessed with understanding and solving our customer’s problems.
  • Tenacious and creative – We embrace the unknown with passion. We challenge. We actively learn, and we never give up.
  • Driven by the mission – Our mission stands beyond self-interest. We have the courage to shape a better future through positive leadership and accountability.
  • Stronger together – We bring our true selves. We listen. We speak up. Then we get the best results. We believe in diversity to create unity.