Our Mission

To create freedom of movement powered by 100% renewable energy

Owning an electric vehicle should be easy. Rather than having to plan or make a special trip to refuel, EV drivers should be able to charge wherever they shop, eat, play or work. Evie promises the freedom of the open road and a reliable travelling companion.

That’s why we’re working with our partners to build a clean, safe, convenient and dependable charging network across Australia’s cities, towns and highways.


Our commitment to 100% renewable energy

We proudly operate on 100% renewable energy and prioritise using renewable sources. How? We purchase from electricity retailers who participate in the Australian government accreditation program known as GreenPower.

  • Where those retailers are not directly generating renewable energy, they purchase and surrender LGCs (Large-scale Generation Certificates). With the GreenPower scheme Certificates, are retired for every unit of GreenPower sold, preventing any double-counting or duplication. Each year, GreenPower Providers are audited independently.
  • Where we procure energy directly from a site host or embedded network that cannot guarantee 100% GreenPower, we purchase LGC (Large Generation Certificate) that is traded through the Clean Energy Regulator’s REC Registry.

We proactively look for business partners and suppliers who share our sustainability values and beliefs.

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