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News Industry News Evie Networks Welcomes Australia’s First Electric Vehicle Strategy

19 April 2023

Today welcomed the nation’s first Electric Vehicle Strategy.

Off the back of the announcement, Evie Networks CEO, Chris Mills says: “We are thrilled to be welcoming Australia’s first Electric Vehicle Strategy.

“Introducing emission standards, and a focus on infrastructure and supply to further support the uptake of electric vehicles locally are wonderful steps to accelerate the much-needed switch to clean energy.

Noting the need for further infrastructure rollouts to support current and future electric vehicle uptake in all areas of Australia, particularly regional locations Mills adds: “We commend the strategy on its focus on infrastructure for rural Australia.

Evie Networks understands the need to build on the State and Federal governments’ fast-charging investment in metropolitan areas and highway routes, by accelerating infrastructure rollout further in regional areas. This will instil more consumer confidence and encourage the faster uptake of electric vehicles.”

Chris Mills

The announcement of the strategy from the federal government highlights the extreme need for further support with high electricity costs for electric vehicle charging networks, as consumer demand increases in line with electric vehicle availability.

“While this announcement is extremely positive and promising, it reiterates how critical it is that governments – both state and federal, join together and take action to address unduly high costs resulting from unrealistic electricity charges being levied on this new industry.

“It is paramount that publicly available EV charging infrastructure remains commercially viable, ahead of a significant increase in the number of EVs on the road.