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News Industry News Evie Networks leading national EV ‘charge’ with Hungry Jack’s

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is better at Hungry Jack’s, thanks to Evie Networks, who today launched an EV fast charger at the home of the famous flamed-grilled Whopper.

Following a major funding injection from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Evie Networks charger is the first of over 400 new EV chargers planned across Australia, as part of the Future Fuels Fund.

Evie Networks CEO, Chris Mills, said Evie Networks was building Australia’s clean energy future with fast chargers powered by 100% renewable energy.

“EV uptake is vital in our shift to net-zero, with transport the third largest source of emissions in Australia”.

“We are putting the right infrastructure in place to combat range anxiety – giving drivers the confidence to buy an EV,” he said.

The plan builds on Evie’s existing national network of over 50 fast and ultra-fast chargers and will place Evie as the dominant EV charging provider in the southern hemisphere.

Mr Mills said the rollout of the extensive network would ensure no individual in metropolitan Australia will be more than 5km from a fast charger.

“Our focus is to bring fast charging to where drivers work, shop and play.

“Gone are the days when we drive to fuel stations; instead, drivers can charge while they grab a bite to eat.”

“We provide a high-quality charging experience with 24/7 access, high-security standards, adequate lighting and on-site amenities.

“NSW is home to almost a fifth of all-electric vehicles in Australia, so it makes sense to start the second phase of our growth here.

Mr Mills said that Evie Networks is shifting the way people think about transport and that the location was ideal for delivery drivers and the uptake of EVs in NSW.

“A charging site in Cabramatta will allow rideshare drivers in the area to make the most out of rideshare for themselves and the environment by making the change to an electric vehicle,” Mr Mills said.

“Our electric vehicle rideshare fleet demonstrates that rideshare drivers usually charge at a fast-charging site near their home at the beginning or end of their shift.”

The Cabramatta site is the first for Evie Networks partner, Hungry Jacks and one of the first fast-food fast EV charging collaborations in NSW.

CEO of Hungry Jack’s, Chris Green, said Hungry Jack’s is delighted to be partnering with Evie Networks on this initiative.

“At Hungry Jack’s, building a better, cleaner world is at our core, and we are proud to launch the Evie Networks chargers at our Cabramatta Hungry Jack’s store in Sydney. This partnership will help grow the national footprint of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, providing greater accessibility for the increasing number of electric vehicle drivers, who can now conveniently charge their car while ordering a Hungry Jack’s meal,” said Mr Green.

“This innovative collaboration is part of our Better World initiative, which has seen Hungry Jack’s develop recyclable coffee and cold cups, reduce plastic packaging and introduce sipper cups that eliminate the need to use straws.

“As part of our Better World initiative, Hungry Jack’s has also been a Crown Sponsor of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia and the Western Lowland Gorillas for more than 17 years, and earlier this year helped make the wishes of seriously ill children become a reality by helping raise over $1.3 million for Make-A-Wish Australia through our inaugural Wishmaker campaign, which will run again next year.

“Hungry Jack’s is famously known for our better burgers, but we also want to create a better world. If the demand is there, we will look at other Hungry Jack’s sites for Evie Networks chargers,” concluded Mr Green.