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News ARENA funding backs Evie electric charger roll out in every capital city.

Evie Networks will revolutionise the way Australians travel, stepping up as the nation’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, thanks to backing from the Federal Government.

Following a major funding injection from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as part of the first round of the Future Fuels Fund, Evie Networks has become the only awardee to win in all eight States and Territories, including being the exclusive winner in Canberra. Evie Networks will lead Australia’s EV transition, with a further 158 new sites to be launched in the next two years.

Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills said the ARENA funding was a major endorsement and would help the company achieve its mission to build Australia’s largest electric vehicle fast-charging network, taking traditional fuel retailers head-on when it comes to convenience.

Instead of locating chargers solely in traditional fuel stations, Evie Networks plans to deploy over 300 fast chargers (min 2 per site), at shopping centres, grocery stores, and restaurants to allow for charging wherever convenient.

“EV drivers will be unchained from travelling to the petrol station to re-fuel their car,” Chris Mills said.

“By locating chargers at these points, drivers can top up while buying the groceries, collecting the dry-cleaning or enjoying a meal or coffee with family and friends.

“We also want to provide a high-quality charging experience, so sites are required to meet minimum standards, which include 24/7 access, high-security standards, adequate lighting and on-site amenities.

“We want EV drivers to be comforted not only by the breadth of our coverage but also our quality.”

To support the rollout, Evie Networks has placed a multi-million-dollar order for the supply of fast-charging equipment with Tritium, the Brisbane-based EV charging manufacturer, which is set to list on the NASDAQ, and also part of the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund.

With the support of two Australian companies leading the global EV industry, ARENA’s funding is another significant vote of confidence in Evie Networks as Australia’s leading EV charging network operator.

The sites developed through the Future Fuels Fund investment will also complement Evie Networks’ planned highway network, which includes 42 ultra-fast charging sites linking the major capital cities.

“Range anxiety is one of the largest deterrents to EV uptake, but Evie Networks is eliminating this by providing charging sites in the only national network,” Mr Mills said.

“Fleet operators and private drivers can now confidently transition to EVs knowing they are supported by the most heavily funded EV charging operator in Australia.

“Increased patronage and rising driver retail sales are just two of the benefits our network site hosts enjoy since installing Evie Networks chargers, which helps to put these destinations front of mind for loyal EV drivers looking for reliable charging sites.

“EVs are the way of the future, so now is the time for developers and businesses to act and futureproof their properties by installing EV charging capabilities.”

Evie Networks is backed by the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund’s commitment of $100 million, which is accompanied by a $15 million recoupable grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). This makes Evie Networks the most heavily funded EV charging operator in Australia.