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News Industry News Evie Networks’ new ultra-fast charging station takes the electric vehicle charging experience to the next level

A game-changing highway charging station, powered by 100% renewable energy, takes the electric vehicle charging experience to the next level and unlocks the corridor between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Built and operated by Evie Networks, the ultra-fast charging station at Coochin Creek on the Bruce Highway, 60 kilometres north of Brisbane, complements the network of 18 EV fast chargers installed in cities up the coast by the Queensland Government, and is the first in Evie’s Australia-wide network of 42 stations, due to be rolled out over the next two years.

Manufactured by Brisbane company Tritium, the station’s 350kW chargers offer both Japanese and European plugs and are the first of their kind globally, catering for all available EV models.

The 24/7 Coochin Creek station, situated just off the highway and right next to a range of services and amenities, is located and constructed with quality, convenience and safety as the guiding principles.

The station is easily accessible for north and southbound motorists and has its own designated space, including entry and exit, that provides ample parking and turning room away from existing thoroughfares and traffic.

The solar canopy, another first, shelters motorists from the sun and rain while they charge, with the solar panels contributing additional power to the chargers. The station is also brightly lit for evening use and security, with 24/7 customer support.

Currently fitted with two charging heads, Coochin Creek has the space and infrastructure to support an additional four chargers as Australian EV ownership increases.

Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills said the opening of the Coochin Creek station represents a landmark moment in Australian electric motoring.

“This station is the first of what will be the largest rollout of ultra-fast highway charging stations being built in Australia,” Mr Mills said.

“There are currently only around 70 fast charging sites in Australia, most of which are proprietary or require a subscription. Providing ultra-fast charging stations at accessible highway locations around the country, all open-access and ‘pay-as-you-go’, like the Coochin Creek, is about serving EV drivers and opening up new journeys.”

Mr Mills said Evie’s focus was on providing its customers the highest quality and most convenient charging experience at all network locations.

“All of our sites will be co-located with on-site amenities and convenience stores,” Mr Mills said.

“They will be safe and secure, with 24/7 access, customer support, lighting and security, while charging availability will be assured with at least two ultra-fast chargers at every site.

“We have strict site-selection criteria. It’s crucial for EV drivers that we get it right for them.”

For the first month of opening, November, charging at Coochin Creek will be free. After this, Evie customers will be able to use a pay-as-you-go system via the Evie app, available on both iOS and Android devices, or an RFID card which can be ordered via the app.

Redcliffe resident and Chairman of the Queensland branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association Jon Day said: “The new ultra-fast station located between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast was a fantastic edition to the Australian electric vehicle infrastructure network”.

“It really opens up the corridor between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for electric vehicle drivers like me, with the benefit of charging at the maximum speed my EV can handle,” Mr Day said.

“It’s especially a real game-changer for lower-range electric vehicles with smaller batteries because it means they have an easily accessible 24/7 charging option just off the highway.

“The proximity to so many amenities and the protection provided by the solar canopy are also a real step up from every other charging station I’ve used.”

Although in Australia there are currently no EVs able to handle the full 350kW charging rate, the Evie Network system will allow all vehicles regardless of their age, battery size or connection type, to charge at a faster rate than is currently accessible anywhere in the country. The rapid evolution of battery technology means that capacity will continue to increase, and Evie’s network is future proofed to accommodate this growth. Evie Networks is backed by the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund’s contribution of $35 million, which is accompanied by a $15m recoupable grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). This makes the project the most heavily funded electric vehicle charging operator in Australia.