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News Evie and Ikea partner to install 150kW fast-chargers at Ikea Tempe

Evie is proud to announce a partnership with IKEA Australia, which will see the installation of fast charging stations at the IKEA Tempe store, providing customers with a fast EV charging option whilst they shop.

The charging solution at the IKEA Tempe site will feature two 150 kW concurrent chargers, making it the fastest charging option available at any IKEA store in Australia. IKEA’s commitment to providing diverse charging options ensures that customers have access to chargers that cater to their specific needs and use cases.

IKEA Australia is committed to its sustainability goals and has been providing charging infrastructure to support customers with electric vehicles since 2019. The home furnishing retailer also has electric vehicles in its fleet, which are reducing the company’s environmental footprint for home deliveries.

Evie is dedicated to creating an extensive network of fast charging stations, strategically placed with convenience and everyday amenities in mind for EV owners. The new charging site at IKEA Tempe will be a significant addition to this growing network, providing an essential charging solution for not only IKEA customers but also adding an easily accessible charging location to a highly populated urban area.

Evie Networks Chief Operating Officer, Geoff Brady, said that retail, business and property owners are an important partner in providing solutions to support the increasing demand for accessible, everyday charging.

“We are excited to include IKEA in a growing public network that allows drivers to recharge where they shop, work and play. Making fast charging a seamless part of customers’ shopping experiences will help advance our mission to accelerate the adoption of EVs in Australia.

“Our reliable fast and ultra-fast network is particularly important for drivers without off-street charging, and for businesses looking to transition their fleet. If we want to move towards a cleaner transport future, people need to be confident that they can charge whenever and wherever they need.”

Geoff Brady

Alexandra Kelly, Zero Emissions Delivery Lead, IKEA Australia, said that supporting customers with zero emissions transport solutions is a key part of the IKEA sustainability agenda.

“At IKEA Australia, we have a responsibility to not only improve our own operations to lessen our impact on the planet, but also to inspire and enable our customers to live a more sustainable life at home.

Offering flexible EV charging solutions for our customers to park, charge and shop with the charging duration that suits them is a great way we can do this. Together with Evie, IKEA aims to provide an efficient charging experience, complementing the existing charging infrastructure already at the IKEA Tempe store.”

Alexandra Kelly

Evie’s partnership with IKEA follows successful collaborations with prominent retail brands such as Endeavour Group, Craveable and Hungry Jacks. These partnerships have significantly contributed to the acceleration of EV adoption among customers and fleet partners, with IKEA recognising the sustainability and business benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles for delivery purposes. This project received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Future Fuels Fund.