Hertz How to Charge

How to Charge with Evie

Start a charge

  1.  Plug the connector into the vehicle (most vehicles require the CCS2 connector).
  2. Scan Evie FOB over the RFID Card reader.
  3. Some chargers have a ‘start’ button on the unit. If there’s a start button, press it. If not, you can skip this step.

Stop a charge

  1. If there is an ‘unlock’ button, press it.
  2. Scan Evie FOB over the RFID Card reader.
  3. Press ‘stop’ on the unit.
Hertz Polestar at Evie site

Prefer a Video Walkthrough?

Watch our step-by-step video guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I locate Evie chargers?

To locate Evie chargers, search via Google Maps, Apple Maps or PlugShare. Type in ‘Evie Charging Station’.

What plugs are supported by Evie Networks charging stations?

Evie Networks charging stations support both CHAdeMO and CCS2 DC connectors catering for many Electric Vehicles on the road. If you’re driving a Polestar, use the CSS2 connector.

What determines the charge speed?

How fast your vehicle can charge mostly depends on your vehicle’s battery capacity and its temperature. Once your vehicle reaches a charge of 80%, you may notice a drop in charge speed – this is normal. Read this support article here for more info/

I’m having issues on site. Who should I contact?

If you’re experiencing any issues with an Evie charger, please contact our support line at 1300 463 843. You can also refer to our support page here. If you have issues with your vehicle, please contact Hertz on 13 30 39.