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News EV Charging Stations for MG Electric Cars

EV Charging Stations for MG Electric Cars

Are you a proud MG owner, eager to explore Australia without worrying about your EV running out of charge? Well, if you haven’t heard of Evie, we have a nationwide network of over 200 fast and ultra-fast EV charging stations, all compatible with MG electric cars, including the MG ZS EV and MG4 EV.

Curious about charging times, and costs, or why Australians prefer Evie? Keep reading – we cover it all!

How Evie Elevates the MG Charging Experience

Let’s keep it straightforward.

  • Speedy Charging Sessions: At Evie locations, you’ll find 50kW, 75kW, 150kW, and 350kW chargers. So, whether you need a quick boost for your daily commute or a full charge for a long journey, we’ve got you covered!
  • Reliability: We’ve designed our stations with reliability in mind, ensuring we deliver consistent and efficient charging sessions so you have a seamless charging experience every time.
  • Convenience: Our chargers are strategically located in metropolitan, regional, and highway areas, close to various amenities, like local cafes, supermarkets and toilets.
  • Access real-time charging insights with the Evie app: Our user-friendly app provides real-time insights into your MG’s charging progress, including kWh delivered and your vehicle’s state of charge.

Download the Evie app today.

MG Home EV Chargers

Depending on your lifestyle and driving needs, a home charger may be the best option.

If this is something you’re considering, Evie offers an all-in-one charging solution so you can power up at home and on the go. Get a 7kW single-phase EV smart charger that delivers ~45 km of driving range for every hour of charging, with the option to upgrade to a 22kW three-phase charger or integrate with solar. And that’s not all! Each bundle comes with a $200 Evie charging voucher, usable at any of Evie’s public chargers across Australia.

Say goodbye to relying on slow home socket charging. Check out our home charging solution for more details.


Why MG Owners Choose Evie Networks

MG owners choose Evie for our reliable, convenient and easily accessible charging solutions. No matter where you travel in Australia, our chargers ensure you travel with confidence. What sets Evie apart? Our dedication to your experience. Enjoy nearby amenities like shopping centres and cafes, plus our user-friendly app for a seamless charging experience.



  • What kind of EV charger does an MG use?
    All MG EV models can charge at any Evie charging site using the CCS2 plug.
  • How long does it take to charge an MG electric car?
    This depends on several factors, including:

    • Charging station speed: Different charger speeds (e.g., 50kW vs 150kW) affect charging time.
    • Your vehicle’s state of charge (SOC): Generally, a lower SOC (e.g.20%), charges faster than a higher SOC, as the charge rate starts to slow down once your vehicle reaches a higher SOC (-approx. 75% – 80% capacity).
    • Your vehicle’s battery size: A larger battery will allow your MG to travel further on a single charge, but will take longer to charge.
    • Your vehicle’s battery temperature and climate conditions: Extreme temperatures can affect charging speed.
    • Sharing the one charger: If two people are charging simultaneously (using the same unit but different plugs)

Here are some indicative timings based on the charger speed and vehicle SOC:
350kW and 150kW chargers: 20-35 minutes (20% to 80%)
75kW/50kW chargers: 40-55 minutes (20% to 80%)

To put it simply, charging time can be compared to everyday activities. With faster chargers (150kW-350kW), it’s like a restroom stop or grabbing a snack. Slower chargers (50kW) provide more time, ideal for enjoying a meal or doing some shopping.

  • How much does it cost to charge an MG electric car?
    The cost depends on factors such as battery size and charger speed. Here’s an example of indicative costs charging from 20% to 80% with a 64kW battery:
    150kW – 350kW Chargers: Typically between $25 to $30
    50kW/75kW Chargers: Typically between $20 to $25

Please note that these are approximate costs. We encourage drivers to refer to the Evie app for site-specific and up-to-date charging costs.