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Charger + Installation + Public Charging Voucher for $2,580 incl. GST

This all-inclusive deal covers the supply and installation of your EV home charger alongside a public charging voucher from Evie Networks – Australia’s leading public fast charging network. Enjoy peace of mind with extensive warranty inclusions.

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What’s included

AC Home Charger

Smart AC Home Charger

A powerful 7kW single-phase smart charger that comes with a Type 2 connector and a 5m cable. Compatible with most Australian homes (except for apartments). Three-phase upgrades available.

Ford and Evie

$400 Public Charging Voucher

Your public charging voucher is delivered to you via email. Redeem your voucher via the Evie app and you're ready to charge on-the-go.

Ford and Evie

Standard Metropolitan Installation*

Enjoy a hassle-free setup that will be completed by our skilled team so you don't have to do a thing. Refer to our FAQs to learn more about our Standard Metropolitan Installation inclusions.

About Evie

Evie Networks is Australia’s leading charging solutions provider. We’re proudly Australian owned and operated, with a growing network of more than 250 public charging locations nationwide. We’re dedicated to being by your side on every ride, so you can charge ahead with confidence every time. Discover more about us here.


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Plug into these benefits

  • Charge at home any time
  • Control each charging session via the mobile app​
  • Schedule charge sessions to make use of off-peak energy costs​
  • Or charge exclusively from your home solar​ (Additional charges apply)
  • Get a $400 public charging voucher for charging on-the-go

Let’s get charging

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Home Charging FAQ

I have three-phase power at home, do you have a three-phase charger available?

Yes, we offer a 22kW three-phase charger for an additional cost. This will be quoted through our Compatibility Check survey process once you place your order.

I have solar at home, can I charge my vehicle with my solar panels?

Yes, we can integrate your charger with your solar so that you can charge exclusively from sunshine for an additional cost. This will be quoted through our Compatibility Check survey process once you place your order.

Whats included in a Standard Metropolitan Installation?

Our Standard Metropolitan Installation covers installations within 50km of a state capital GPO, the charger must also be installed within 15m of the electrical distribution box (switchboard). Non-standard installations will be quoted through our survey process.

*My home isn’t covered by your Standard Metropolitan Installation, can you still install for me?

Yes, we can quote non-standard installation through our survey process.  If you prefer to use your own installer, we can also provide you with the charger and voucher only.

I live in an apartment, can you install a home charger for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply home charging solutions to apartments at this time. We recommend utilising our network of public chargers which are conveniently located nationwide as an alternative for your EV. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to make home charging accessible to everyone in the future.

Evie Network’s Charger + Installation + Public Charging Voucher Offer for Ford’s customers

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